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About LMR

LMR Eductional Consulting


LMR's focus on educational consulting and advocacy comes from years of experience.  LMR's President, Leah Roberts, has experience as a Certified Classroom Teacher, Reading Specialist, Special Educator, Student Support Team Chairpersn, and IEP Chairperson.  


What if your child needs something more?


Leah's background includes work as a classroom teacher, Reading Specialist, Instructional Support Teacher, Student Support Team Chair and IEP Chair, giving her solid knowledge about our schools.


Whether you are just noticing that something is not quite right with your child's education, or have an IEP team scheduled; Leah can help ensure that your child receives the services and education plan appropriately suited for his or her unique needs.  She collaborates with educators and families.



Meet Leah

Leah Roberts

Founder, Owner and Advocate


Leah is married with 2 children.  She has a BA in Elementary Education and a MA as a Reading Specialist from Loyola University.   Leah is a certified classroom teacher, reading specialist, and special educator.  While working as an IEP chairperson in Baltimore County, Leah saw too many parents that needed help navigating the educational system.  As a mother and educator she felt she could do more for students while working with families instead of the school system.  



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