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LMR will ensure parents are empowered with information regarding your child's educational future.


  • Each of your concerns will be heard..

  • All of your questions will be answered.

  • Each process and document will be explained.










Informal Evaluations


LMR will complete informal assessmentsts in the following subject areas to assist parents and schools in determining your child's strengths and needs.


  • Reading- phonics, fluency, comprehension

  • Math

  • Writing

  • Spelling

  • Behavior 






IEP Process


LMR will aid parents in navigating the IEP process to secure appropriate school services and placement for your child.


  • Advocate for the individualized needs of your child

  • Attend IEP/504 meetings

  • Conduct classroom observations

  • Complete a comprehensive record review

  • Develop IEP/504

  • Interpret assessment data

  • Monitoring of IEP/504/ FBA/BIP

  • Prepare an IEP analysis


Parent-Teacher Conferences


LMR will attend parent-teacher meetings.


Your child may not require a formal educational plan, however, they may require specific interventions in order to work to their potential. 

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